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Mandarax Trade SRL is the name of a trustworthy Gas Company. We exist as a central part of the Gas market for providing the services of gas all over Romanian ans other European countries . We are fully licensed to trade in Slovakia and are participating members of EUSTREAM.

Our presence reaches outside of Romanian markets and we are active members on CEGH (Austria), GME (Italy). We are also into Slovakian Market with Mandarax SRO.

Our primary objective is to reliably furnish customers with genuine worth. This would able them to make better progress in the domestic market.

Good resources always provides good profits and usage. So, we give our customers reliable energy and gas resources in which quality achievement can easily be accessible. Our market presence goes back a long time, as our founders and owners have significant history and experience in the gas market.

Our company offers natural gas supply in many of the major gas exchanges at a competitive price, with extremely flexible conditions for all players in the economy.

We strive with all our knowledge to provide our Partners with a quality service, with which we can contribute to their success and provide a stable background in the field of energy supply

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